Brandi Aden
Year:       Junior
Major:     Business
Big Sis:    Ashley Benedict
Lil Sis:      Katie Siddel

Stephanie Biondi
Year:        Junior
Major:      English
Chair:       Vice President of                                Recruitment   
Big Sis:     Melissa Weissert
Lil Sis:       Kristi Tillit
                  Melissa Weinacht
                  Meaghan Kennedy
Twin:         Katie Vosse
Fun Fact:   I'm fiercly fantastic                          and super enthusiastic                     about dragons.

Jesika Nelson
Year:        Junior
Major:      Corporate &                                   Orginizational                                    Communications
Chair:       President
Big Sis:     Neshala Warner
Lil Sis:       Angel Wesley
                  Jessica Klingel
                  Lindsey Staff

Jessica Perkins
Year:        Junior
French/Secondary Edu.
Big Sis:     Shay Hinton
Fun Fact:  I'm obsessed with pink                     flamingos

Laurie Sanders
Year:        Junior
Major:      Accounting
Minor:      Mathmatics
Big Sis:     Michelle Hayes
Lil Sis:       Sarah Engelman
                  Kendyl Schmidt
Fun Fact:   Born in Phoenix, Arizona

Kassie Silvey
Year:        Senior
Major:      Accounting 
Big Sis:     Amy Zentgraf
Lil Sis:       Meghan Siwicki
                  Andrea Hanewinkel
Fun Fact:   I'm getting married in June, and will start my full time job at kohl's!


Amanda Pope
Year:        Senior
Major:      Speech Comm.
Big Sis:     Andrea Harrawood
Lil Sis:       Melissa Molitore
Triplets:     Liz Merkle, Jo McCrody