Allison Schutte

Year:      Senior
Major:    Business Administration
Big Sis:   Jen McQuality
Lil Sis:     Katie Southmayd &
                Kaci Wierich
Fact:       Has a pug named Rolen ♥


Jackie Kurland

Chair:      V.P. of Operations
Year:       Junior 
Major:     Nursing
Big Sis:  
Lil Sis:     Sandy Nicholas &
                Laura Wiechert
Fact:       I once fell off of my                         stationary bike, and I love                 my dog Lucy ♥ 

Samantha Nelson

Chair:      V.P. of Academic Affairs
Year:       Senior
Major:     Special Education
Minor:     Biology
Big Sis:    Izzy Hayes
Lil Sis:      Kassie Eaker &
                 Lo Roth
Fact:      I love to go snowboarding! 

Amanda Oefelein
Year:       Senior
Major:     Theater Performance
Big Sis:    Brittany P.
Lil Sis:      Amy Zentgraf
Fact:       I Love Cows!

Katie Southmayd
Year:       Senior
Major:     Nursing
Big Sis:  
Lil Sis:     
Michelle Hayes &
                 Dana Earnshaw

Fun Fact:  I dream of working with                   the cardinals one day  


Laura Wiechert
Year:       Senior
Major:     German
Big Sis:    Jackie Kurland
Lil Sis:      Kendel Meek &
                Lauren Bland
Twin:      Sandy Nicholas

Amy Zentgraf
Year:       Senior
Major:     Speech Communication
Minor:     Marketing
Big Sis:    Amanda Oefelein
Lil Sis:      Kassie Silvey &
                Shawna Crawford &
                Ashley Phillips
Twin:      Kacey Luetkemyer
Fun Fact:  I'm allergic to corn and                     I live by corn!